The annual Python programming conference for professionals, entrepreneurs, scientists, academics and students.

Looking back at PyCon Namibia 2021

PyCon Namibia 2021 was an online edition thanks to the global COVID-19 pandemic; it ran 18th-19th June.

Our seventh edition had to be held virtually. Despite the challenges, we were able to put on a two-day programme of talks and workshops and keep the fires burning.  

18th June

Andrew Collier - Grokking Statistical Measures using Everyday Analogies
Andrew works at Fathom Data, a Data Science consultancy based in South Africa.

Cheuk Ting HoEveryone can be a super hero with coding power
Cheuk is the Developer Relations Lead at TerminusDB, and an active Python community contributor.

Martha Kamkuemah - Algorithmic Bias
Martha is studying for a PhD at Stellenbosch University, and will explore how human biases creeps into machine learning models, and what we can do about it.

Eli Holderness - Anvil: Web Apps with nothing but Python
Eli works at Anvil in Cambridge, UK; they will show us how to build everything a web application needs, with pure Python.

Michalis Panayides - Using Python to measure the expected wait in a queue with two waiting rooms 
Michalis is a doctoral student at Cardiff University, studying the application of games theory to emergency medical services. 

Gajendra Deshpande - Securing Django Applications
Gajendra from India will provide an overview of security in and for Django, Python's most popular web application framework.. 

Cheuk Ting Ho and Arnaud Tsombe Open-source mentored sprint
Cheuk and Arnaud will provide an interactive session to help you make your first contribution to a Python open-source project.

19th June

Vincent Knight - Will I have enough mana? Probabilistic modelling of a collectable card game with Python
Vincent is one of PyCon NA's oldest and most steadfast friends; in this talk he will relive some of his teenage years, bringing together mathematics, card games - and Python.

Nikoleta Glynatsi - Web scraping, text analysis, and networks can help us identify the most important Avenger
Nikoleta is a postdoctoral researcher in applied mathematics; in this talk she'll apply her mathematical powers to the 8000+ characters of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

Adam Johnson - Building interactive pages with htmx
Adam returns to PyCon NA to introduce htmx, a JS library that extends HTML to support more interactive use cases, without writing any JS yourself.   

Fernando Masanori - Python Emergency remote teaching
Fernando is a long-time contributor to education and the Python community; in this talk he'll discuss some of the challenges presented by the pandemic lockdowns.

Tangeni Shikomba - Scikit Learn, Kaggle and Jupyter Notebooks
Tangeni is from Namibia and now lives in Michigan USA; he will introduce some key data science tools and his experiences with them.

Adedapo Adedamola - S.O.L.I.D - Principles of Object Oriented and Agile Design
Adedapo from Nigeria presents five principles you can adopt to improve your software design and code.

Sam Simataa - Quality over quantity - an introduction to Software Testing
Sam is from Namibia and works in the USA as a Senior Automation Test Developer; in this talk he will discuss the value quality assurance can bring to a team and product.

Benjamin Bengfort - Containerization: Simple and Portable Deployment and Development
Benjamin presents an interactive workshop introducing the power of Docker-based containerisation.

Talks and workshops

Both absolute newcomers to programming and highly experienced software professionals come to PyCon Namibia, and our talks and workshops reflected this. 

We held a packed programme of sessions over three days.


PyCon Namibia once again received contributions in financial sponsorship and other support from organisations, as well as private donations from individuals, across the world. We are enormously grateful to all of our supporters.