PyCon Namibia 2019

The annual Python programming conference for professionals, entrepreneurs, scientists, academics and students.

Our call for proposals is open now and will close on the 11th January 2019. If you would like to give a talk and/or a workshop please submit your proposal.

We welcome your suggestions, and if you'd like to make more than one proposal, please do.

We're interested in Python-related talks on:

  • programming techniques and practices
  • business
  • software libraries and tools
  • the web, including Django and other applications
  • education
  • mathematics
  • community
  • robotics and hardware
  • ... and anything else!

Submit your proposal now

If you have never spoken at a conference, a PyCon is a great place to do this for the first time.

You'll find a friendly and encouraging audience. We're interested in receiving proposals aimed at people with all levels of experience, and talks and workshops aimed at beginners will be just as valuable as advanced sessions.