The annual Python programming conference for professionals, entrepreneurs, scientists, academics and students.

To all our international speakers

Our budget

PyCon Namibia is run on a different kind of budget from other conferences you may have attended.

Our budget for the event is very small and our margins are very tight. We need all our attendees to purchase a ticket for the event at the appropriate rate. We cannot automatically provide speaker discounts. 

Similarly, although thanks to our sponsors we have a small fund, available to help international travellers, this is extremely limited.

The total amount available to share between all recipients is US$2500, and we have to make some very difficult decisions when allocating it.

Do you need assistance?

Sadly it will be impossible to provide help to all those who request it, however much we would like to have them speaking at the event.

However, we know that for some speakers it will not be possible to attend without some assistance, and we will be able to provide some funding to at least a few of them.

If you need some assistance, what we need to know is simply: what amount would make it possible for you to attend PyCon Namibia?

The lower the amount, the easier it is to allocate it. For example, spending US$333 on three people represents a better use of our resources than spending US$1000 on just one person.

Please ask

Please let us know by email. Thank you for applying for financial asistance - we will do our best to assist as many people as possible.

Is your company paying for your costs?

If your company is paying for your travel and other costs, we will be happy to recognise their contribution by listing them as supporters of the conference.