PyCon Namibia 2017

The annual Python programming conference for professionals, scientists, academics, students and hobbyists.

PyCon Namibia will feature two days packed with talks.

We're still finalising details of our programme, but a few of our confirmed speakers are listed below. Alongside Namibian speakers, this year we will have speakers from Germany, the Netherlands, Ireland, Greece, Italy, the United Kingdom, Zimbabwe and South Africa.

They include lead developers of international software projects. researchers and other experts in their field. 

More names and talks will be published soon.

Humphrey Butau

Project templating with Django Cookie-Cutter

Humphrey is a Harare-based Python developer. He is the Chair of PyZim and was one of the organisers of the first-ever PyCon Zimbabwe in 2016.

In this talk he will show how Cookie-Cutter, a project templating tool for Python, Django and other programming languages will help you start new Django and Python projects not just swiftly and easily, but also reliably and in-line with best practices.

Geraint Palmer

Producing pretty plots in Python

Geraint is studying for a Doctorate in Mathematics at Cardiff University. He's a veteran of PyCon Namibia, and has been involved with the Namibian Python community since its first days.

Geraint will speak about Matplotlib, an extremely powerful free open-source Python tool for producing informative, useful, and beautiful visualisations from mathematical and other numerical data.

Maik Hoepfel

Building an Internet of Things with Raspberry Pi

Maik lives in Berlin. He has been working with Python/Django since 2009 and is an active contributor to open-source projects, including Oscar, the best-known ecommerce package in the Django ecosystem.

In this talk he will explore the opportunities for building Internet-enabled hardware devices, including a live practical demonstration using the inexpensive Raspberry Pi as a platform.

Nikoleta Glynatsi

Using Python to access open research literature

Nikoleta develops research software - and uses it in her studies of Game Theory - as part of her Doctoral studies in Mathematics at Cardiff University.

This talk will show how you can use Python to collect and search research literature published on the web, making time-consuming difficult jobs fast, easy and reliable. 

Nashilongo Gervasius Nakale & Annastasia Shipepe

Introducing the Internet Society to Namibia

Nashilongo is a Senior Journalist at the Namibian Broadcasting Corporation, and has a particular interest in the intersection of technology and journalism. Annastasia lectures in Computing at the University of Namibia, and also works in community technology engagement initiatives.

They will be speaking about the Internet Society, a global organisation with some 90 thousand members worldwide, which exists to protect the Internet as a tool for education and science and for the benefit of humanity.

Ronald Maravanyika

Working with Python for women and children in Zimbabwe

Ronald Maravanyika is a Python developer and engineer, specializing in microcontollers. He is a founding member of Python Zimbabwe and was instrumental in bringing the first Django Girls workshops to the country.

In this talk he discuss how organisations like Zimbopy and Django Girls are helping educate and empower Zimbabwe's new technologists.

Iwan Vosloo

A whirlwind tour of test setup

Iwan works in South Africa as a Python developer. He is the lead developer of Reahl, a Python framework for web applications.

Iwan will discuss automated testing in Python, and the different approaches that have been developed to setting up test objects.

Anna Makarudze & Humphrey Butau

How we organised PyCon Zimbabwe 

Anna and Humphrey are the pioneering organisers of the first PyCon Zimbabwe.

They'll tell the story of their adventure - how they did it, the challenges they faced, and what they achieved.

Christian Christelis

A Python developer's adventures in GIS

Christian is from Stellenbosch, where he works with Geographic Information Systems using Python/Django.

He'll be introducing GIS, and discussing how they have emerged from a niche to become mainstream technologies.

Daniele Procida

Documentation will save your project!

Daniele is a Django/Python developer. He lives in Cardiff and works at Divio, a Swiss software company. 

Daniele will explain how doing documentation the right way not only makes it less work for you, but will also make your precious software project more successful.

Helen Sherwood-Taylor

Topic to be confirmed

Helen is a Python/Django developer. She has worked for organisations including University College London and the BBC. She's also one of the organisers of this year's Django Girls workshop in Windhoek.

Loek van Gent

Topic to be confirmed 

Loek is the lead developer at 1% Club, an Amsterdam-based cloud-funding platform for social projects. He's been a part of PyCon Namibia since its earliest days.

Eva Gonzales Contreras

Topic to be confirmed

Eva is physicist, musician and Python programmer. She currently works as a technology recruitment consultant in Belfast.

Vincent Knight

Topic to be confirmed 

Vincent is a Python-loving mathematician. He teaches at Cardiff University, where he uses Python in operational research.