The annual Python programming conference for professionals, entrepreneurs, scientists, academics and students.

What we'll be doing to ensure health and safety

Like many African countries, although Namibia suffered harshly during the COVID pandemic, its effects were greatly mitigated by a preparedness borne out of experiences of dealing with threats such as SARS and other potentially devastating contagions.

During our PyCon, health and safety is a priority. We want attendees to share all kinds of things, but definitely not infections.

To help protect attendees and the people they associate with we will:

  • use current local advice and regulations as a minimum baseline
  • take full advantage of the fact that the event will take place in the Namibian summer, allowing us to hold meals and refreshments in open-air spaces, and maintain plenty of natural ventilation in general
  • take advice from the venue on management of spaces and movement of people
  • regularly remind attendees of expectations, obligations and requirements

What we need you to do

We need you to remain vigilant and mindful of the COVID situation, and to treat the health-related concerns and needs of other attendees with the utmost respect at all times.

As an attendee, you agree to abide by Namibian COVID regulations and any COVID related direction given by the organisers.

If you experience COVID symptoms during or before the event, you must:

  • take a COVID test
  • in case of a positive test, isolate and inform us

Please do not attend the event if you have or suspect you may be infected with COVID. We will refund tickets for any affected person.

What we would like you to do

We would like you to go further than the bare minimum required by regulations. We invite you to:

  • set a good example by wearing a face-mask during the event
  • take a COVID test before the event, whether or not you are experiencing symptoms
  • if you are speaking or presenting a workshop, to take advantage of your privileged position by reminding the audience of the value of maintaining basic precautions

We recommend that all our attendees be fully vaccinated.