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Accommodation options in Windhoek

Windhoek is a safe and compact city.

Accommodation options range from luxury hotels to modest hostels. Whatever your budget, you'll find something suitable, all a short distance from the centre of town.

After three years since the last event, and a lot of changes as a result of COVID, it's hard for us to give reliable up-to-date recommendations. 

Please read reviews, and check locations. You want to be sure that your accommodation is not too far from our venue.

Accommodation at the conference venue

Accommodation at the venue itself is now fully booked for the period of the conference.

Nearby, you could try Hotel Pension Alexander, which has single rooms for NAD 550/night or shared (two people) rooms for NAD 750/night. Please contact directly and mention that you will be attending the conference at Kleines Heim.

Otherwise, consider the other options listed on this page.


Ideal for travellers on lower budgets.

Hostels will be simple and not luxurious, but you can expect them to safe, clean and comfortable.

Previously, attendees have recommended TaTe Village.

Hostels in Windhoek via

Hotels and guest houses

There are numerous hotels to suit all budgets in Windhoek. You can expect a high standard of service and accommodation. 

Hotels where attendees have had good experiences in recent years include:

Hotels in Windhoek via

You will also find numerous private hotels and guest houses in Windhoek, where once again you can expect a high standard of service and accommodation.

A Google Maps search for Windhoek guest house will return many results.