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Education days at PyCon Namibia 2024

We're very excited to include two special education days in PyCon Namibia this year. We're building on the relationships we have developed with educational institutions to bring our PyCon speakers and coaches directly to university students and school pupils.

We will have a day of talks and workshops for university students at NUST, and demonstrations and hands-on learning sessions for secondary school pupils at Jakob Marengo Tutorial College in Katatura. 

4th March

By invitation and registration only

Floor 6, High-Tech Transfer Plaza Select (HTTPS)
Corner of Brahms Street and Beethoven Street

Morning - talks 09:00-12:30

Python as a tool for rural development in Africa
Lidya Tilahun (Ethiopia)

Power to the people (who want to teach people)
Sheena O'Connell (South Africa)

Python tools for data scientists
Jaroslav Bezděk (Czech Republic)

Global opportunities for the Python programmer
Daniele Procida (Italy)

The Carpentries: skills for research computing
Ngatutue Mate (Namibia)

Afternoon - hands-on workshops 14:00-16:30

Python - the absolute basics and Python with BBC micro:bit
Led by Daniele Procida

Introduction to data science workshop
Led by Ngatutue Mate

Introduction to machine learning workshop
Led by Matthew George

5th March

By invitation and registration only

Mungunda Street

Morning - hands-on workshops

Python - the absolute basics and Python with BBC micro:bit
Led by Daniele Procida

Let's do some Python mathematics together!
Led by Vincent Knight

Hands-on with Scratch
Led by Robson Kanhalelo

Lunch 12:30-13:20

Afternoon - talks - 13:30

Creating computer games with Python
Kudzayi Bamhare (Zimbabwe)

Python for high school mathematics
Vincent Knight (Wales)

Graphical programming with Scratch
Robson Kanhalelo (Namibia)

It could be you!
Jessica Upani (Namibia)

Raspberry Pi animatronics
Matthew George (USA)

Workshops (continued) - 15:15