The annual Python programming conference for professionals, entrepreneurs, scientists, academics and students.

Where do you want to go?

Do you dream of becoming a full-time software developer? A data scientist? Starting your career in a role with an international company?

PyCon Namibia helps provide the skills and contacts you need to get there.

Our PyCon has already created opportunities for talented Namibian programmers, who are now working as professionals on an exciting career path, in Namibia and abroad.

If you have the talent and the ambition, PyCon Namibia will open the doors for you.

Meet recruiters

At PyCon Namibia 2023 you will meet recruiters and hiring leads from top international companies. They'll be at the conference hoping to meet Namibian talent - you.

You'll learn more about the skills and qualifications they seek, and get advice on how to apply and present yourself. They'll be delighted to answer your questions and provide specific guidance for your situation. 

Talks and workshops for job-seekers

This year we'll be hosting several talks and training workshops dedicated to careers, led by people who are actually hiring software professionals.

The talks, workshops and one-to-one sesssions will cover topics such as how to apply, remote working, how to write your CV, interview skills, salaries and so on.

It's an amazing opportunity to jump-start your software career.

Your PyCon Namibia ticket could be the best investment you ever make.

Ngazetungue Muheue’s story

I recently started a new position working remotely for LaLoka Labs, a Japanese company, as a Django developer building web applications.

I’m part of a fantastic team, making software to make people's lives better. Working remotely means I can do my job from my own room, or while travelling - all I need is an Internet connection.

PyCon Namibia helped me get here.

I grew up in a very remote, rural part of Kunene region. I grew up without technology, but in 2015 while studying at UNAM, I had the opportunity to attend the first PyCon Namibia. I fell in love with the Python community, and became an organiser of future editions of the conference.

Through the conference, I have discovered an amazing community around the world that has become part of my life. I realised that I could be a participant in a global tech community.

PyCon Namibia helped me develop new skills and raise my ambitions. It has been part of my professional journey - career-changing and life-changing.

By attending PyCon Namibia, you'll get to meet people you want to work with, and who will guide you in your work. I'll be there, and I want to help other people on the same journey - so come to PyCon Namibia and let's find out how we can advance your tech career.

Jessica Upani's story

When I was an undergraduate at UNAM my friend encouraged me to attend PyCon Namibia 2015. I was a bit sceptical. I wasn’t even very interested in programming because I kept failing it. But, I attended the conference and it was an amazing experience for me.

It's where my programming journey started.

On the final day of the conference a small group of us decided to make sure that there would be future PyCons, and more Python software evnts in Namibia. We formed the Python Programming Society of Namibia. That decision changed my life. 

I started learning Python on my own, borrowing books and practising. The Society began teaching Python to community members, including high school learners. We became involved in organising the next PyCon Namibia.

Later in 2015 I was completely astonished to receive an invitation to attend DjangoCon Europe in Cardiff, UK. 

I asked: “Why me?” The answer was: “Because you got involved.”

The surprises kept coming. All around the world, people in the international Python community wanted to learn about Python in Namibia, and how we were building our Namibian community. In the following years I was invited and travelled to Australia, Canada, Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, Ireland, Czech Republic, Ghana, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Somaliland, to speak about our work and contribute to training workshops. PyCon Namibia took me around the world!

Now, I work at the Digital Career Institute in Berlin, teaching programming.

In my journey, I have been supported by two communities: the international Python community that has given me opportunities and shown me new horizons, and my Namibian community, that has cheered me on, lifted me up and believed in me. PyCon Namibia is where the two come together.

Our project continues. PyCon Namibia is a way to invest in the capacities of our people, to create opportunities for our country. Our young people need the skills that PyCon Namibia works to develop. I encourage you to get involved too, and discover the same opportunities that I did. PyCon Namibia is waiting for you!